A Short Introduction to my Channel

Greetings people of earth.

And yes, SheisCatholic inspired me, as well as the many others on New Catholic Generation. 😀

Anyone is welcome to watch, not just Catholics/Christians, I’m pretty sure we can relate in some things. If you have any rude comments, please don’t post them. I appreciate that very much.

This is the first time I EVER upload anything to youtube, and quite frankly I am a bit nervous. Lol. This is an introduction to my channel, TheCatholicRebel. I want this to be a channel where I can talk about things like modesty, chastity, things I have been through, things I will learn, and anything from my journey. It is about one year now that I “reverted” back to the Catholic Church, though I never left, I was a really angry “I don’t believe in religion, humanity is a plague” type person. Ever since I started practicing my faith (though not perfect by any means) I have felt fulfillment.

So, yeah.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this. God Bless.

All music I do not own, and is royalty free, from freeplaymusic.com, a free production music website.

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