Are You “Hardcore” Prolife??


Here’s the news story Cynthia McFadden did. Pray that this clinic may close for good:

Here are the amazing sites that can help you be hardcore prolife and know how to help these women and their children and make a difference for the better 🙂
– Lila Rose: FB:
– Abby Johnson (former Planned Parenthood worker): FB:
– LifeSiteNews: FB:
– LifeNews: FB:
– ProLife Day of Silence:
– National ProLife Chalk Day!:
– I am ProLife:
– Students for Life of America: YouTube:
– I am for Life (movement):
– I am the ProLife Generation:
– National March for Life:
– Bike for the Unborn: FB:
– 40 Days for Life: FB:
– iChoose Adoption: YouTube:
– Abby Johnson’s program to help nurses escape working at abortion clinics and find jobs elsewhere “And Then There Were None”: FB:

St. Gianna, PRAY FOR US!!!
Mother Teresa, PRAY FOR US!!!
Blessed Virgin Mary, PRAY FOR US!!!

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