Become a rebel.

There is so much growing and so much learning to do. I’ve been really busy with work, and life in general, that I’ve neglected this channel. Good things are in the works!

In my earlier youth, I was a kid who hated religion, decided I could remain “a Christian and not believe in the bible”. I went through a dark period of life,which is when I saw my past “philosophies” were wrong and ignorant. I literally knew nothing about the faith I claimed to have left, except for the occasional mass visit of course.

I’m Maria. 19 year old Catholic. I love Hamburgers, Transformers, Music ranging in Celtic, Classical, and some genres in Metal (as long as it’s uplifting and has a good message), Rock.

Funny story, a “Christian Metal band” is what sparked my re-interest in things God. Why? Because the lyrics in these bands that are so harshly judged have more depth than any generic “praise” song and the garbage played on the radio. 😛

Let’s face it, almost everyone hates authentic Catholicism.
So become a rebel. Become Catholic.

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