Chastity of the Heart

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If you want to burn like a Seraph of love for God, you must keep your heart chaste. Chastity of the heart means that one preserves their heart from becoming inordinately attached to someone, not just refraining from physical relations outside of marriage. This is something that must be practiced by both the consecrated and married/ open to marriage. For religiously consecrated, such as religious sisters and brothers, this also means keeping one’s heart free from emotionally dependent relationships so that their heart may be free to love all people, but especially God.

Chastity is not a LACK of something, it is BEING who God made you to be in the greatest extent possible! 🙂

The music is “Est Secretum” by the Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles. Thankfully, the lyrics match the topic of this video 🙂

“Est secretum, Valeriane, quo tibi volo dicere: Angelorum Dei habeo amatorem, qui nimio zelo, custodit corpus meum.”

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