Inspired by the Holy Spirit

hey guys (:
Today I didn’t have such great day ): Lately I have been really sad because of things that have been going on, so I went to a Church by my school and visited Jesus for a little bit. Instantly I felt so much better and I started to take pictures and my heart was filled with joy. God always makes happy and he always blesses me ! Anyways these are my collection of some pictures that I edited. The one with the Vatican and the crowd of people is not my original picture , but all the rest of the pictures were taken by me or I told someone to take it for me (: One of the caption is written by my good friend Louie and some pictures my friends helped me out. God inspired me with these pictures, I could never think of these captions by myself haha. All Glory to Him!! God Bless
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Du Fond De L’Abîme (réinterprété par Johnny Ripper) – Johnny Ripper original song by Joachim De Lux
SONY HDRCX 260 V (Handycam)

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