Join NCG!

Are you under 21 and interested in starting a video blog with NCG??

New youtubers will be added to the list as soon as they make two videos of themselves.
You may have a quick intro vlog for the community to see and learn a little bit about you, or you can go right into talking on catholic topics.

Some video topics can be (but are far from limited to):
-Daily Insights on the faith you’ve experienced/thought about
-Explanations of what certain Catholic objects are
-Explanations about certain Catholic traditions
-Speaking about certain miracles or apparitions
-Telling the story of your favorite saint(s)
-Talking about problems you’ve faced in your community or even in your parish,
Informing people why certain sins or heresies are wrong
-Sharing helpful advice about praying, defeating temptation, or tips on obtaining
a certain virtue
-Clarifying the differences between different religions like Catholic vs. Orthodox
or Jehovah’s Witness vs. other big name Protestants (Lutheran, Anglican, Baptist)
-Politics from a Catholic standpoint

It is very important to be your own vlogger. Every youtuber tends to reach a different
crowd of people better than maybe another youtuber can. Add your own special touch to your videos with the personality only you have. The uniqueness of every youtuber is a coveted thing when it comes to reaching as many people (young and old) as possible. For those just starting to vlog, don’t worry about getting too fancy at this point. Many of our youtubers use the script method where they read off of something in front of them and this has proven to be a good method just the same.

After your two videos are made and approved there is a facebook private group just for the youtubers. If you have a facebook, feel free to request to join! We also have
Google+ Video Hangouts from time to time.

Simply click “Contact Us” on the top of our website to send Renee an email!