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Vlogging from the age of 16, Renee has been on youtube sharing her daily insights as a catholic teen for almost two years.  She is driven by a desire to show her generation that they are called to be saints TODAY, and that being a teen is not an excuse to “go out, party and live your life the way you want” as today’s culture promotes.



Renee has been on facebook and youtube since 2011 showing her generation and the adults of today’s generation that, “If you know the truth, PURSUE IT, no matter what age you are!” She started and is the administrator of “New Catholic Generation” and prays it reaches many catholic teens and supportive adults of today’s generation.

Email Renee Today with questions, comments, or ways you think you can help out with the teen catholic youtube movement.

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God bless! please pray for the new catholic generation.

Renee’s Youtube Channel:

Renee Shumay                               Renee ShumayMichael Voris of RealCatholicTV/ChurchMilitant.TV


Renee Speaking to her beloved Catholic high school “The Lyceum”

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