New Catholic Generation is an organization composed of all Catholic Teenagers on YouTube testifying to their faith in Jesus Christ.

ncg2Publicly demonstrating their lives as Catholic teens by way of a video blog, those of NCG hope to show their own upcoming generation that if one knows the truth, they should live by it and further pursue it today, not tomorrow or in ten years. Its base in the universal network of YouTube allows New Catholic Generation to reach the minds of young adults all over the globe. By this way many young believers surrounded by today’s culture of death can be encouraged by the fact that they are not alone in their love of God.

Why is New Catholic Generation unique from all other catholic teen outreach programs? The difference is, NCG is by the teens to the teens. Though God has blessed the world with many wonderful Theologians who spread their message through Catholic Television and wonderful books, the catholic networks have lacked to see how very much the young Catholics in their tough teen years need to hear not only the experts, but their own generation speaking and living the faith. New Catholic Generation is an organization of every Catholic teen YouTube channel that exists. It brings them all together into one powerful and inspirational evangelization team under the title NCG. Started by teens who knew what their generation needed and continued by an increasing number of them who felt its incredible spiritual benefits, this organization needs no help in proving its reason for existence. From one teen to another it radiates this simple but powerful message,”If I can do it, you can do it.” No highly learned holy expert of greater age can say this to the young people or to even today’s generation as effectively as a young person in love with Jesus Christ can.  However, the greatest of the things that New Catholic Generation brings to today’s Church, is Hope. Enkindling in those of a passing generation the beautiful Hope that the truths of the Church will go on, is a priceless act being performed by those of NCG. Catholics knowledgable of this online network of teens on fire for Christ and his Church are sincerely asked to support and share it with all of those who would benefit from its message of hope and spiritual encouragement. The upcoming generation is one of uncertainty, worldliness, and fear. It is one that yearns to be reborn in the peace of Jesus Christ. So share and spread the word of New Catholic Generation for the sake of the salvation and peace of the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow. May God bless you, and kindly keep those of New Catholic Generation in your prayers.


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