You must be a Spouse of Christ!

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From the writings of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity:
“It is necessary to live one’s life of a spouse! How many things this name evokes of love given and received, of intimacy, of fidelity, of absolute dedication!

To be spouse means to abandon one’s self as He has abandoned Himself; it means to be sacrificed like Him, by Him, for Him. It means that Christ made Himself totally ours and we became totally His.

To be spouse means to have all the rights on His Heart. It is a heart to heart for all the life. It is to live with…always with. It is to rest totally in Him, and to allow Him to rest in our soul.

It is not to know other than to love; to love adoring, repairing, praying, asking, forgetting self, to love always, under all its forms.

“To be Spouse” is to have the eyes in His eyes, the thought enchanted by Him, the heart all in love, all invaded, as if out of self and passed in Him, the soul full of His soul, full of His prayer, all her being captivated and given.

It is to fix Him always with a glance, to catch the least sign and desire; it is to enter in all of His joys, to share all His sadness. It means to be fruitful, co-redemptrix, to generate souls to grace, to multiply the adoptive children of the Father, the redeemed by the Christ, the co-heirs of His glory.

Lastly to be taken for spouse, for mystical spouse, means to have the heart enraptured in a certain way that forgetting all the distance, the WORD is poured in the soul like in the bosom of the Father, with the same ecstasy of infinite love. It means that the Father, the Word and the Spirit invade the soul, deify it, consume it in one for love. It means the matrimony, the stable state, because it is the indissoluble union of the will and of the hearts. And God said: Let us make him a companion similar to him. They will be two in one…”.

Also, from the writings of Julian of Norwich:
“And thus in our making, God, Almighty, is our kindly Father; and God, All-Wisdom, is our kindly Mother; with the Love and the Goodness of the Holy Ghost: which is all one God, one Lord. And in the knitting and in the one-ing he is our Very True Spouse, and we his loved Wife and his Fair Maiden: with which Wife he is never displeased. For he saith: I love thee and thou lovest me, and our love shall never be disparted in two.”

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