You Worship WHO?!

New vlog! This one’s about Mary, the saints, and…who exactly DO Catholics worship?! 🙂

I wanted to vlog while we were Sede Vacante I got busy, got tired, and got sick! When I recorded this, I was getting over a really bad cold, hence the congestion and the puffy face. I also forgot to turn off my white noise maker before I started recording…FAIL. I used a different camera to record this, so there’s better audio and video quality.

Please forgive the very choppy editing; it was partially due to the fact that I kept coughing and blowing my nose, and there were a lot of parts where I just rambled or stuttered and had to re-start a phrase or sentence. The original footage of this was around 13 minutes long. I still feel like this was kind of ramble-y, though.

Music is Danielle Rose, “Queen of Peace” and the Therese Soundtrack’s “The Miracle.”

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